MYSA Alumni


Our Vision

To be the model Alumni Association in Sports and Development


To generate collaborative action to make MYSA the model Association in Sports and Development.

Core Values

*Mentorship    *Openness   *Professionalism   *Accountability  *Trustworthiness   *All inclusive    *Goodwill    *Integrity

The MYSA Alumni Association was started in 2014. The Association focuses on four main pillars of:

Fundraising and Resource Mobilization 

The Association recruits more members and taps their different professional skills for the benefit of MYSA. This pillar also involves the Alumni sponsoring some of the MYSA activities and promoting income generation.

Strategic Guidance and Support

This pillar focuses on the Alumni role as role models and mentors to the youth in MYSA.

Enhancing link between MYSA and Mathare United Football Club

This pillar promotes an active fan base for Mathare United Football Club through Alumni recruitment drives, selling Mathare United Football Club branded items and maintaining an active Alumni database.

Organizational Strengthening

This Pillar focuses on strengthening the MYSA organizational structure through having a large number of Alumni in the MYSA Board of Trustees.


Contact us on:

Contact Person: Alumni Coordinator


Box 69038 - 00622 Nairobi, Kenya