HIV/AIDS Awareness

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    spread of HIV/AIDs

  • The spread of HIV/AIDs is one of our toughest challenges. In fact, young people between the ages of 14 and 24 are particularly vulnerable because we often don’t know what to do to protect ourselves. Our parents have very little time to spare as they work so hard to earn a living and free time is not spent discussing sexual health. This is why we, as peer educators, play such an important role within the community.

    We run HIV/AIDs and sexual health awareness programmes to educate our peers and enable them to protect themselves as well as their friends and family members. We also hold sessions on responsible parenting and healthy relationships, including teen pregnancy and abortion.

    Peer educators use lots of different methods. For children of primary school age, we use the Kicking Aids Out method, which integrates sexual health issues into the sports or games already being played. Older children take part in discussions and workshops involving more sophisticated concepts and language.

    We also encourage participants to go to a youth friendly clinic where they can be tested or receive treatment.