Just like sport, arts activities such as dance, drama and music, are really good ways of reaching out to people, bringing people together and helping people develop as individuals.

Haba Na Haba is our arts and culture programme, which:

  • Empowers young people to express and develop their artistic potential
  • Educates the community through music, drama and dance

Empowering Youth

There are Haba na Haba groups spread throughout the 16 MYSA zones. These groups participate in dance, drama, puppetry, music and acrobatics training. They put on regular performances which are attended by their parents, friends and other people in the communities where they live.
Each year we organise performing arts workshops run by professional performers or teachers to inspire our talented members and teach them new skills. Four workshops are held each year covering music, dance, drama and puppetry, and acrobatics.
Some Haba na Haba participants get the chance to go to Norway for the Barn er Bra Exchange. This annual exchange brings together young artists from all over the world to learn from one another and showcase their talents. Our members who take part in the exchange have a rare opportunity to travel abroad and learn about the cultures and traditions of their Norwegian counterparts.​

In the Community

Every Saturday our Haba na Haba project holds a two hour Participatory Educative Theatre (PET) show in a public space in one of the zones. The aim is to raise awareness amongst people in the communities where we live about important social issues such as HIV/AIDs, alcohol and drug abuse, and gender equality. The PET shows are also used as an opportunity to educate communities about long held traditions from the area that might otherwise be forgotten.
The highly popular shows present these issues as part of a play, dance routine or musical performance. Audiences from local communities come along and work with the performers to decide how the problems or issues that are highlighted should be resolved. Often there is a lively debate and Haba na Haba peer educators and counsellors have the opportunity to talk in more detail about the issues raised, visit actionsolar.net.
PET shows also take place in schools, focusing mainly on reproductive health education, which is not taught as part of the curriculum. All teachers and students attend the shows and discussions between performers, teachers and students are actively encouraged.

Watoto WanaSay Festival

This is an annual children’s arts festival organised by our members. Young people and their parents can come along and try out new musical instruments, singing and dancing. There are also exhibits to raise awareness about key social issues affecting our communities.
The event is organised by young people, see more at geauxmaids.com. A boy and a girl are selected from each of the 16 MYSA zones to be on the organising committee. This is a fantastic opportunity for the young people to learn invaluable leadership, teamwork and organisational skills. Some of these children go on to form Haba na Haba groups in their own areas of the slums.