The MYSA work readiness is a program that seeks to help the MYSA youth acquire necessary skills and knowledge needed to access formal employment. Majority of the MYSA youth depend on football to make a living and do not have such skills.

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The program has two target groups which are: youth between the ages of 16- 25 and children between the ages of 10 – 11 for those transitioning to high school.

For the 10 -11 age group

The program will be organizing career talks and guidance so that the youth can be aware of career options that are relevant to them and present in the market. This age group is very crucial as the children start to find their paths in life therefore guidance is very important. The youth will also be attached with mentors in understanding their career pathways.

For the 16-25 age group

The program AIMS to conduct trainings which will enhance participant’s knowledge in particular life skills. I.e. CV writing, leadership skills, how to go about interviews and communication skills. The trainings will be conducted by MYSA and other external partners working in the same field. The youth will also be participating in career guidance while those who have cleared college, the programme AIMS in attaching them with formal companies for internship.

Key Achievements of the MYSA Work readiness program


In 2016, the programme managed organizing work readiness training for the MYSA 16 work readiness coordinators, from all the 16 MYSA zones. 2 females and 14 males successfully finished the training. The coordinators were trained to assist in their zones conducting all work readiness activities.


The MYSA Work readiness programme established partnership with ARC Skills where by MYSA youth have been attaining skills in Carpentry form work at Garden City Laxman site along Thika Road.


The MYSA Work readiness programme has trained so far 40 youth aged between 25- 35 years attaining skills in carpentry at the Garden City Laxman, 9 females and 31males attended the training.


 In 2016, our partners Arc skills managed holding interviews for 114 MYSA youth attending their trainings at Garden City Laxman, 25 females and 89 males attended the interviews.


 In 2016, 57 youth aged between the age of 25-35 were able to attain skills on masonry at the Garden City Laxman site, 20 females and 37 Males attended the training.


 In 2016, 23 Youths were able to receive training on Plasterwork at Garden city Laxman site, 10 females and 13 male attended the training.


In 2016, the MYSA Work readiness program managed to carry out carry out career guidance in 20 schools, 10 primary schools and 10 secondary schools in the different MYSA zones. We managed reaching to over 1000 youth in all this primary and secondary schools.


 In 2016, the MYSA work readiness planned MYSA alumni talks which combined with career fair in November 2016.


 In 2016, the MYSA Work readiness carried out data collection process or post survey for its youth for evaluation purposes.