Girls programe

Mathare youth Sports Association has a girls program named GOAL (Go out and Lead)

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Who we Are

Mathare youth Sports Association has a girls program named GOAL (Go out and Lead).The main objective of this programme is to empower the girls in MYSA and the community at large. We have a total of over 15000 girls who are registered in MYSA leagues and also take part in GOAL activities excluding the girls in the neighboring community who are not MYSA members. The Programme runs in the 16 zones in Eastland region where MYSA operates

What We Do

The girls take part in various activities and programmes in MYSA through our girls program known as G.O.A.L ( go out and lead) Here we train, council members, female mentor, coach and supervise GOAL activities in MYSA during the MYSA leagues and in schools through the girls  clubs. Girls take part in various programmes which include:


In MYSA, we have a governance structure which has an equal representation of both genders. We make sure that our girls are elected in these elective posts. We have the top most seat of the governance which is the chair of the Executive Council. This Council is in charge of ensuring all issues pertaining the MYSA volunteers are well represented .The chair of this council has to alternate in Gender, this means that every year we have a different gender at the top seat. In order to deepen democracy at the local, national and international levels, We as MYSA Girls Program ensure that women are elected in the elective posts in MYSA and are able to participate on equal terms in both formal and informal decision making.

Slum Libraries

We have a total of 4 libraries in MYSA and are used by both MYSA members and non MYSA members. The libraries are situated in Githurai, Mathare North, Mathare and Komarock. All of them is free to access. The girls do creative writing and storytelling in the libraries and mentorship to the young girls and teach them lifeskills. We also has a justice center in one of the libraries where the neighboring communities and MYSA girls can report all forms of abuses and get justice.

Employability Program

We also have an employability program which is managed by a female in MYSA.The main objective of this project is to equip girls both from MYSA and the communities around with skills required in various careers and workforces, thus helping in minimizing unemployment in Kenya and also empowering the women to start off their own small businesses such food rendering and tailoring. Last year we managed to train a total of 102 females who are now employed outside.

Sports programe

Our girls also take part in sports program as either football players, coaches, Referees whereby they are trained as match officials and help in officiating and running of the MYSA girls’ league. Others are also trained as physiotherapists and assist when we have injuries during the matches. By doing all these, we make sure that the girls are not discriminated against and they take part in all sporting activities in MYSA.


We have our own women team which plays in the Kenyan Premier League. These are ladies chosen from the 16 zones where MYSA operates. We have trained the girls on advocacy and peace .when they go to play their premier league matches, they also help us in running the program by facilitation to the teams playing against them and when we are having MYSA leagues, we also use these ladies who are well informed to facilitate to other young MYSA females and mentor them in the right way.

Youth Exchange Programes

We also send our girls to exchange programs both locally and international. For instance, we have the haba Na haba group which deals with Culture and Entertainment and most of the girls take part in this program clik here. Every year this group gets a chance to travel to different places to showcase different culture therefore the participants’ see this as the most important life event as they benefit by being responsible, accountable and initiative.

Leadership and Awards

MYSA girl’s project also takes part in community service programe whereby we do community cleanups, plant trees in the communities and marketing MYSA through passing of information to the community.

Girls Programe
in a Brief


January 2015

The initial pilot started with 55 girls in a one-week intensive workshop.  Evidence from the pilot confirmed the need to have more ongoing, longer term support for adolescent girl-specific topics and the program was expanded to adopt a weekly, peer-led club model.   From the initial batch of attendees in the pilot, 25 girls were selected to receive further training to become peer trainers (TOT training).  The curriculum was further developed and expanded (topics below), and group coordinators to support the peer trainers and manage the four regional groups where GOAL! operates were also trained and put in place.

The peer training model is in sync with MYSA’s volunteer driven model and allows for growth and sustainability while minimizing financial support.  Also, in addition to gaining in-depth content knowledge, peer trainers and coordinators also learn critical leadership, communications and management skills.   Clubs meet in schools every week with the time and day agreed by the coordinator and the teacher in charge at the schools selected.The clubs have a minimum of 10 girls and a maximum of 15 girls in each school. 

The curriculum covers gaps in adolescent girl education that are normally not addressed in the standard school curriculum or in the home environment and are done so in ‘safe spaces’ environment. Topics include:

  • Adolescence
  • Reproductive Health
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual Violence
  • Getting tested for HIV
  • Caring for people with HIV
  • Stigma
  • STI’s
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Drugs
  • Child Protection