The HIV Prevention Programme, which is the one and the only MYSA project of the HIV Pillar, has the overall objective of strengthening the national response to HIV and AIDS; specifically it aims to ‘make individuals, and communities (MYSA zones) whether national or local, responsible for halting the spread of HIV and AIDS amongst high risk populations and mitigate the impact.

Spread of HIV/AIDS

we believe in operating our Programme as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our Programme provides services to sixteen MYSA zones and four branches. We could not do that without the commitment of our volunteers peer leader and all leader level one and two. Who provide more than 2,500 hours of voluntary services yearly(conducting Sexual and Reproductive health drills and referring young people for HIV services and other integrated services to our youths friendly site.)

The MYSA HIV/AIDS Programme support the HIV domain and has evolved together with the country’s dynamics and priorities in HIV. Effort has been made through previous years and months to align and harmonize with the government’s priorities and strategies in order to provide support, using the comprehensive and effective support, covering the government main prevention areas.

The Programme has addressed

The eight specific components of the National Prevention Strategy

  • HIV Counselling and Testing
  • Condoms demonstration and distributions
  • Most at Risk Populations (MARPS)
  • Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)
  • Access to Treatment and prolongation of life
  • Communication for behavior change (through Kicking Aids Out Drills)
  • Youth friend services
  • Mainstreaming of HIV and gender

Prevention Objective

This Programme aims to ensure support to the Strategy for HIV Prevention Acceleration and contains four specific action areas

a) Counselling and Testing

Support the expansion of counselling and testing activities by:

  • Integrating these activities into the health professional’s routine
  • Expand the services to community level
  • Include clinical staff in the National Health Service.
  • Greater social mobilization to promote greater adherence and uptake of HIV testing, subsequent services and treatment.

c) Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)

Encourage safe and hygienic male circumcision practices to reduce sexually transmitted infections include HIV.

B)High Vulnerability Population Groups

Facilitate the development of Programmes, strategies and coordination mechanisms to promote health, focusing on the reduction of HIV transmission among high risk populations.

d) Adolescents and youngsters

Build the capacity of youth and facilitate the participation of young people in the zonal committees and Life Skills activities on PLWHIV awareness for children and adolescents aged 10 Years to 14 years

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  • It was an action packed afternoon as we marked the #internationaldayofthegirlchild. Over 100 girls participating in the FFH Leagues graced our premises as they battled out on the pitch.

The keen primary school and Starlight high school emerged champions of the annual FFH School league 2019 edition. The participants also received saniatary towels courtesy of the MYSA FIFA Foundation Program.

  • Ongoing coaching course for MYSA NFT TOTs at MYSA HQ facilitated by Mathew Gale. 
  • Within 24 hours  Mathare has faced Kariobangi  Sharks twice.  With our senior  team holding  sharks to a  barren draw  and  MYSA U-13 displayed class as  they  came down from 2 goals down to make the match even in  the  second half at  Camp Toyoyo  this morning. 
The  young lads  displayed  spectacular football to  clinch  the second position in the  League. 
  • Because it's Thursday!!
Let's take a stroll down the memory lane.
This week we feature:
The Mighty Mathare Youth Fc and 2003 Norway cup team.

  • September 1st is always a special day for MYSA. It is the Birthday of the iconic man, Mr Bob Munro himself.
Join us in celebrating the Birthday of our founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 
  • Yesterday was an exciting day as we hosted 6 teams from our different MYSA Zones who participated in the MYSA U-16 Girls Friendship Tournament.

The event marked the culmination of our MTA August holiday activities as the girls prepare to go back to school.

  • Having a good time Kayaking.....Mathare United U14 Girls' team creating memories in Bergen,Norway.

#MYSA2087 #norwaycup2019
  • Our Mathare United U14 Girls' team have safely arrived in Oslo,Norway.
We can't wait for the @norwaycup to start.

  • Our East Africa Cup matches and results so far.

  • support our girls and women.
#MYSA2087 #menstrualhygieneday #menstruationmatters
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