The HIV Prevention Programme, which is the one and the only MYSA project of the HIV Pillar, has the overall objective of strengthening the national response to HIV and AIDS; specifically it aims to ‘make individuals, and communities (MYSA zones) whether national or local, responsible for halting the spread of HIV and AIDS amongst high risk populations and mitigate the impact.

Spread of HIV/AIDS

we believe in operating our Programme as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our Programme provides services to sixteen MYSA zones and four branches. We could not do that without the commitment of our volunteers peer leader and all leader level one and two. Who provide more than 2,500 hours of voluntary services yearly(conducting Sexual and Reproductive health drills and referring young people for HIV services and other integrated services to our youths friendly site.)

The MYSA HIV/AIDS Programme support the HIV domain and has evolved together with the country’s dynamics and priorities in HIV. Effort has been made through previous years and months to align and harmonize with the government’s priorities and strategies in order to provide support, using the comprehensive and effective support, covering the government main prevention areas.

The Programme has addressed

The eight specific components of the National Prevention Strategy

  • HIV Counselling and Testing
  • Condoms demonstration and distributions
  • Most at Risk Populations (MARPS)
  • Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)
  • Access to Treatment and prolongation of life
  • Communication for behavior change (through Kicking Aids Out Drills)
  • Youth friend services
  • Mainstreaming of HIV and gender

Prevention Objective

This Programme aims to ensure support to the Strategy for HIV Prevention Acceleration and contains four specific action areas

a) Counselling and Testing

Support the expansion of counselling and testing activities by:

  • Integrating these activities into the health professional’s routine
  • Expand the services to community level
  • Include clinical staff in the National Health Service.
  • Greater social mobilization to promote greater adherence and uptake of HIV testing, subsequent services and treatment.

c) Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)

Encourage safe and hygienic male circumcision practices to reduce sexually transmitted infections include HIV.

B)High Vulnerability Population Groups

Facilitate the development of Programmes, strategies and coordination mechanisms to promote health, focusing on the reduction of HIV transmission among high risk populations.

d) Adolescents and youngsters

Build the capacity of youth and facilitate the participation of young people in the zonal committees and Life Skills activities on PLWHIV awareness for children and adolescents aged 10 Years to 14 years

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  • Yesterday we donated 400 blankets supported by to families of Umama Slums for their children to enable them keep warm during this cold season.
Asante sana, Children for Children Campaign has been a success.

#MYSA2087 #Sport4Life #sukumaoneanother
  • MYSA Bundesliga Youth Ambassadors were in Mwiki Zone today donating face masks to the zonal teams so as to curb the spread of Corona virus.
Thanks to Bundeliga Youth Ambassadors and @tsghoffenheim for the support.

#MYSA2087 #Sport4Life
  • We wish all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters a blessed #eidaladha🕋

#MYSA2087 #Sport4Life
  • SC Johnson has donated 1,440 pieces of Baygon dudu spray to MYSA Mathare North library beneficiaries and community members. Thank you for long-term partnership with @mysakenya 🤝.

#MYSA2087 #Sport4Life
  • Today, we distributed 600 blankets supported by to most needy families in Mathare Slums for them to keep warm during these cold season.
Thanks to all who supported this initiative.

#MYSA2087 #Sport4Life #sukumaoneanother
  • this morning donated 750 blankets to @mysakenya to be distributed to the most needy families in slums during this harsh winter period amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Distribution will happen on Tuesday, 14th July 2020 in Mathare Slums Village Two.
We want to thank and everyone that supported this initiative.

#MYSA2087 #Sport4Life #KomeshaCorona
  • Yesterday, we distributed 500 Loaves of Bread to households in Umama Slums. Thanks to @team.pankaj for the support.

#MYSA2087 #Sport4Life
  • With the Winter season approaching, thousands of kids are stranded without proper shelter to keep them warm, leading to a vulnerable immune system, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With our Children For Children project, courtesy of our Sukuma Juniors, we aim to help improve shelter through funding blankets that will be donated and distributed through the MYSA, and I-Africa.
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  • Today, MYSA Community Health and Rights program conducted services to key population from Kayole Junction. The services included: HIV Testing and Counseling, STIs screening, Family Planning services and Condom demonstration and distribution to attain World Health Organization (WHO) target of 95,95,95.

#MYSA2087 #AfyaMashinani #afyabora
  • Today, we have managed to distribute 300 food parcels supported by @team.pankaj to our Staff, MYSA Zonal League committees and councils, MYSA Alumni, @mathareunitedfc & @matharewomenfc.
We are much grateful to @team.pankaj.

#MYSA2087 #Sport4Life #KomeshaCorona