Kids with Disability

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 80% of people with disabilities in the world are living in developing countries like Kenya.
The Mathare Slums are some of the biggest slums in Africa and a high percentage of the population have some form of disability.

In late 2007 MYSA created the project ‘Kids With Disabilities’ (KWD) to fully engage all the young people with disabilities living in the Mathare slums and its environs.
The project aimed to provide sporting activities, linked to community development initiatives for these marginalised groups. Today, the programme is still running and MYSA is providing sports and recreation activities, education, training, and arts and culture programmes for the 900 disabled young people.
In addition, MYSA is also raising awareness on disability issues, promoting inclusion, and carrying out research to support the integration of the disabled into society.

Our Goal

  • To encourage youth with disabilities in Mathare and neighboring areas to be involved in sports.
  • To increase the number of participants by 100 annually.
  • To enhance understanding about disabilities among able-bodied members, their families and communities.

Objective 1

To organize sports for youth with disabilities in the Mathare and neighboring slums and schools by organise weekly recreation days for young people with disabilities and sports activities where young people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in existing sports modified to meet the needs of those with disabilities.

objective 4

To partner with sports clubs and associations with activities for young people with disabilities by engaging sports clubs and associations on KWD recreation, outreach activities and workshops

Objective 2

To raise awareness about disability issues within the community by organizing monthly community information meetings on disability issues and sports events involving both disabled and able-bodied young people.

objective 5

To create opportunities for partners to identify talents thorough creating partnerships with federations, schools and homes working with persons with disabilities.

objective 3

To identify “hidden” persons with severe disabilities and carry out assessments, recruitment and capacity building by recruiting volunteers annually, providing information and training on the KWD project and its goals, promoting the KWD programmes within Mathare communities and reduce the stigma and inspire the disabled to come forward and get involved.

objective 6

To ensure MYSA coaches receive the necessary training for working with young disabled people by conducting regular training sessions for MYSA coaches and partnering with local organizations to ensure that training programmes cover all the necessary areas.