When MYSA was first set up in 1987, it was a self-help organisation which pioneered the use of football as a tool to encourage co-operation, raise self esteem and promote physical and environ-mental health amongst the young people in the Mathare slums. Although the organization has grown and expanded its activities, sport is still very much at the heart of MYSA and its programming.

Who is it for?

In order to become a member of MYSA, each young person has to be a registered member of one of the sports teams. This qualifies them for participation in the organisation’s other activities and projects. The way that the MYSA model works is that, by participating in the organisation’s other activities such as environmental cleanups; participants can gain points for their team and boost the position of the team in its league. This provides a strong incentive for taking part in new activities and gaining skills and education that will open up new opportunities for them in later life. Football has traditionally dominated the sports agenda cashimo by netentplay. Today MYSA boasts 2,052 teams in 234 different football leagues and on average, there are over 15,000 matches played each year. Despite this strong preference for football, the organisation has also started to offer other sporting activities to broaden its membership and develop the extent of its reach.


To have the best youth leagues and tournaments in Africa and reach 28,787 members by 2018

Objective 1

To increase participation of girls in sports – Organize annual inter-zonal girl’s football league for 16 MYSA zones,annual International tournament for girls, promote different sports that appeal more to girls, assess the issues being tackled through MYSA’s activities and explore quality and safety of female participation.

objective 5

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Objective 2

To produce effective and efficient sports administrators and leaders- Offer sports administration and leadership training twice a year to MYSA leaders, offer coaching and referee training four times a year for MYSA leaders and recruit more female administrators and leaders.

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objective 3

To create partnerships with local and international schools, colleges and other institutions – Organize regular meetings at least one every 6 months with these institutions and other partners.

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objective 4

To create more exposure for our players through annual local and international youth exchange programmes and tournaments – Organize annual international tournaments and participate in international tournaments.

The project works towards achieving its objectives which are;

  • To recruit girls and boys, ages 10 to 18 years old, into regular Football for Hope Centre programmes through their interest in football-related activities.
  • To engage boys and girls ages 10 - 18 in appropriate HIV/AIDS knowledge, encourage them to know their status, and help them to access the health services they need.
  • To offer girls and boys ages 10 - 18 educational opportunities to enhance their learning and success in school.
  • To demonstrate exemplary Centre management through continuously professional facility, programme, staff and volunteer management.
  • To ensure consistent community involvement and with gender equal youth representation in governance structures.