Our Team



MYSA is run by young people, for young people. The average age of our staff, volunteer leaders, coaches and officials is between 15 and16 years old and most of them have been members of the organisation since they were children.

Our team are enthusiastic, dedicated and are passionately committed to offering young people the same help that they were offered when they joined MYSA.

Here is a map of our organizational structure.




Henry Majale, Executive Director

“MYSA is more than a model and a vision. MYSA works. We see everyday how empowered young people can change their lives for the better when given the tools and the belief.”

Henry was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya. He joined MYSA aged 16, playing for Dandora Zone and soon progressed to the position of zone Secretary and then zone Chairman. He later gained experience working as a Project Officer; served on the MYSA Sports Council and Executive Council respectively; and, since 2010, has held the position of Deputy Executive Director. He is part of the team that is developing the MYSA Curriculum for the Sports and Community Leadership Academy and is a member and Secretary of the MYSA Senior Management team.

Henry has gained experience outside MYSA, working on sport for development projects in Uganda, holding the position of National Sports Officer for CHRISC Uganda as part of the Norwegian Fredskorpset three-year exchange programme. During this time he also served as the Chairman of the East Africa Cup Organizing Committee Technical Department.

Henry is a former alternate Board member of the Streetfootballworld and has contributed to conferences including the third International Football Medicine Conference. He is a qualified Accountant by profession; he holds a Diploma in International Relations from Hald International School in Norway and is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Accounts .

“MYSA is such an important organisation – it shows what can be achieved through the enormous power and inspiration of sport.



Maqulate Onyango, HR Manager

“My joy was brought by the fact that am a woman and has managed to set up a department in another organization and above all motivated, mentored and acted as a role model to young women in Kampala and other Districts”

‘Maqulate joined M.Y.S.A at the age of 13 years in Mathare Zone. Due to the structures set by the organization, She was elected in the league committee as a secretary. Later on, she was trained as a peer counselor so that I can also train the young people and advocate for behavior change in my zone.
She progressed from the M.Y.S.A matches to the Kenya Associations matches where she was the first woman from M.Y.S.A to officiate Kenya Premier League. This was not only her achievement as a person but for M.Y.S.A girls too.


From 1987-99, MYSA benefited from the advice and assistance of an informal “Friends of MYSA Group”. However, with the rapid growth in the scale and funding of MYSA activities in the late 1990s, it was evident MYSA needed a more formal and legally registered Board.

In May 2000 the first meeting of the new MYSA Board of Trustees approved a draft Trust Deed for the “Mathare Youth Sports Association Trust”. It also approved the 1999 Audited Accounts and 2000 Progr-amme Budget and appointed the external auditors and legal advisers. The MYSA Trust was legally regist-ered in February 2001.

The Board presently consists of ten Trustees. The Chairman of the MYSA Executive Council and MYSA Executive Director are both ex-officio members.

The Board meets at least once and preferably twice a year. A quorum consists of the Chairman or, if absent, one of the two Vice Chairmen plus four other mem-bers of the Board. Decisions are normally and preferably made by consensus.

The Executive Committee of the Board consists of the Chairman, both Vice-Chairmen and one other Trustee.

The Executive Committee meets at least once every quarter with MYSA management to review progress on the implementation of the annual programme bud-get and on their longer-term strategic plans. It also meets periodically with the Executive Committee of the MYSA Executive Council.


Bob Munro – Founding Trustee Executive Chairman

Bob has worked for over four decades on national to global environ-mental issues. Since moving to Kenya in 1985, he served as a sen-ior adviser on sustainable development for many UN agencies, African regional bodies, governments and NGOs. He has carried out UN and other missions in over 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. In 1994 he founded MYSA’s professional extension, Mathare United FC. He is also a founding Director of the Kenyan Premier League. Among other awards, he received the 1999 Help for Self-Help Prize and since 2008 has been a Senior Fellow in the Ash-oka global network of social entrepreneurs.


Prof. Mike Boit – Vice Chairman

Mike is a Professor of Sports Science in the Faculty of Exercise and Sports Science at Kenyatta University. In the 1970s he was one of the first Kenyan runners to earn international recognition. Among other achievements, in the 800 metres race he won silver at the 1972 Olympics and silver and gold at the Commonwealth Games in 1974 and 1978. Among other awards, he was the 1981 Kenyan Sportsman of the Year, is an Honorary Life Member of Athletics Kenya since 1985 and received the Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya in 1995. Among other appointments, he is a Director of the Athletics Academy of the International Assoc-iation of Athletic Federations (IAAF).


John Githongo – Vice Chairman

John is the founder and CEO of the Inuka Trust, a grassroots social movement dedicated to inspiring self-belief, mutual respect and unity among all Kenyans. He is a former Director of Transparency International and the founding Executive Director of Transparency Internat-ional in Kenya. Before that he served as a columnist for the East African and a correspondent for The Eco-nomist and other publications. During 2003-05 he ser-ved as Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Pres-ident of Kenya. Among other appointments, he is a member of the Advisory Council of Transparency Int-ernational and the Chairman of the Board of the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG).


Kibby Kariithi

Kibby is the CEO of Karma, a fam-ily office and of Jamii Bora Manag-ement Services of the Jamii Bora Group which provides financial ser-vices targeting the poorest in Ken-ya. He is also a founder of the Bar-aka Africa Fund. He is a former CEO of the Nairobi Stock Exchange (1995-05) and before that was the Corporate Finance Director for Barclays Bank in Ken-ya. Among other appointments, he is a Director of the Afrika Investment Bank (AIK) and also of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). He is on the International Board of ActionAid and is also the Treasurer of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) as well as a Trustee of the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF).


Ingrid Munro

Ingrid is the founder and Managing Trustee of the Jamii Bora Trust and Managing Director of the Jamii Bora SACCO for the urban and rural poor in Kenya. Prior to that she was the first Executive Director of the African Housing Fund (1988-99); Director of the UN International Year of Shelter for the Homeless (1985-87); Director-General of the Swedish Council for Building Research (1978-85); President of the Nordic Council for Building Research (1982-84); and Assistant State Secretary in the Swedish Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning (1975-78). Among other app-ointments, since 2008 she has been a Senior Fellow in the Ashoka global network of social entrepreneurs.


Moses Mutuli

Moses is the Head of Actuarial Ser-vices at CfC Insurance in Kenya. But he is also a former top MYSA goalkeeper and the first MYSA alumni to join the Board. After struggling financially through high school, he studied mathematics at the University of Nairobi and won many awards, including the Chan-cellor’s Gold Medal as the best overall student. He then earned a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford Univ-ersity and graduated with a MBA. He then worked in London as a Senior Consultant for Actuarial and Insur-ance Solutions at Deloitte (2007-11) and in South Africa as their Manager of Actuarial and Insurance Solutions (2011-12). He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (UK)


Gladdwell Otieno

Gladwell is the founder and Exec-utive Director of the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG). Among other activities, AfriCOG convenes the network of Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice which monitors the 2008 post–election crisis agree-ment. She is a former Executive Director of Transpar-ency International in Kenya and previously worked for Transparency International in Berlin. Among other appointments, she is the Vice Chair of the Board of the African Leadership Centre and the Coalition Coor-dination Committee for the United Nations Convention Against Corruption as well as a member of the inter-national Steering Committee of the global Open Government Partnership.


Atle Sundelin

Atle is a top management consult-ant, especially with Hartmark Cons-ulting AS which he co-founded in 1994 and served as CEO and as a member and then Chairman of the Board. Since 2001 he has also carried out major consulting assignments for compan-ies and projects in Africa, including in Angola, Kenya and Sudan. Among other appointments, he held many senior and voluntary positions sports and humanitarian organisations such as the Bekkelagets Sportsklub. International Orienteering Federation, Norway Cup, Norwegian Confederation of Sports, Norwegian Orient-eering Federation and Norwegian Red Cross. He is also the Chairman of MYSAs Venner i Norge (MViN).


Martin van Straaten

Martin currently works as a manag-ement consultant based in Holland. From 1970-90 he worked as a group therapist in several youth care institutions. He then started his own company providing advice and training on improving management skills and perform-ance in Holland’s largest bank and other organisat-ions, including a major ongoing assignment with the Central Bank of Surinam. With KNVB support, he also recently founded another company focused on impr-oving the skills of top football coaches. From 2000-12 he also chaired the Union More Than Soccer Found-ation which raised the funds for the MYSA library in Githurai and has also raised the funds for a new library in the Mathare Valley


Macharia Njeru, Legal Adviser

Macharia is the Senior and Founding Partner of Macharia-Mwangi & Nj-eru Advocates and Chairman of the Independent Police Oversight Auth-ority (IPOA). He is a Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public, Certified Public Secretary and Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. He holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Nairobi and a Diploma from the Kenya School of Law and is a member of the Law Society of Kenya. Among other appointments, he is a non-executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Fina Bank Ltd as well as Chairman of its Risk Management Committee and the Human Resources Committee and a member of the Assets and Liabilities Committee.