What We Do


giving youth a sporting change on and off the field


The Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) is a community development organization that uses sports to engender broad socio-economic development, while also effecting positive social change.

MYSA motto is ‘giving youth a sporting change on and off the field’. Our love of football has enabled many  to complete their education, cleanup the areas where they  live, taught them how to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases, given them an opportunity to perform on stage and to support the less fortunate in the community .

All MYSA activities are linked by a system of points. You get points for playing in matches, taking part in clean-ups, attending an HIV/AIDs awareness sessions and volunteering as a referee or a coach for other teams. The points go towards your team’s ranking in the league.

You can also earn Leadership points for taking part in an activity. These points are part of our Leadership Awards Scheme, that gives education scholarships to the most active and enthusiastic  MYSA members.