Board of Trustees

From 1987-99, MYSA benefited from the advice and assistance of an informal “Friends of MYSA Group”. However, with the rapid growth in the scope, scale and funding of MYSA activities in the late 1990s, it was evident MYSA needed a more formal and officially registered Board.

In May 2000 the first meeting of the new MYSA Board of Trustees approved a draft Trust Deed for the “Mat-hare Youth Sports Association Trust”. It also approved the 1999 Audited Accounts and 2000 Programme Budget and appointed the external auditors and legal advisers. The MYSA Trust was legally registered in February 2001.

The Board presently consists of nine Trustees. The Chairman of the MYSA Executive Council and MYSA Executive Director are both ex-officio members.

The Board meets at least once a year. A quorum consists of the Chairman or, if absent, one of the two Vice Chairmen plus four other members of the Board. Decisions are normally and preferably made by consensus.

The Executive Committee of the Board consists of the Chairman, both Vice-Chairmen and one other Trustee.

The Executive Committee meets several times a year with MYSA management to review progress on the implementation of the annual programme budget and on their longer-term strategic plans. It also meets periodically with the Executive Committee of the MYSA Executive Council.

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